Yangshuo Phoenix Pagoda Fonglou Retreat will be grand opening at end of July 2011. There will be a period of trial operation before and after grand opening. We are offering promotion rate during the time of the trial operation in July and August 2011. Please contact Luna Li at +86-180 7730 5240 for promotion information.
Why Yangshuo


The following phrases are quoted from “The Former Chibi Fu”by Su Shi of Song Dynasty (11th Century):



All things between the Heaven and the Earth have their own masters.

If they are not mine, I will not take even a hair, except the breeze over rivers and the bright moon among hills.


What you hear makes the sound; what you see becomes the scenery.


It is not forbidden to take them as they are endless. They are indeed the Almighty’s treasures and should be shared with you.”



(Translated by Fongpei)



Yangshuo is a most gorgeous town for a spiritual escape and a paradise for natural adventures hunters to relax and enjoy the blessings from God.